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Hydraulic Cylinder – Tie-rod

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Hydraulic Cylinder – Tie-rod

│ Description │

Single acting hydraulic cylinder
Single acting cylinders are the perfect choice for applications where gravity, weight or some other assist force is available to move the cylinder in one direction. Hydraulic pressure actuates the rod in one direction: extend or retract
• Push action cylinders
• Pull action cylinders
• Rapid traverse cylinders
• Telescopic cylinders

Double acting hydraulic cylinder
A double-acting hydraulic cylinder has a port at each end, supplied with hydraulic fluid for both the retraction and extension of the piston. A double-acting cylinder is used where an external force is not available to retract the piston or where high force is required in both directions of travel.
• Differential cylinders
• Double rod cylinders
• Tandem cylinders
• Rapid traverse cylinders
• Telescopic cylinders

Telescopic hydraulic cylinder
Telescopic cylinders are a special design of a hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder which provides an exceptionally long output travel from a very compact retracted length. Typically the collapsed length of a telescopic cylinder is 20 to 40% of the fully extended length depending on the number of stages

Tie rod cylinders
Tie rod cylinders are used in machine tools, the automotive industry, plastics machinery, transfer lines and other manufacturing devices. The main feature of the tie rod cylinder is its space-saving compact design, which makes it particularly suitable in manufacturing devices.
Key features of the tie rod cylinder:
• Compact design
• Wide mounting range
• Limited piston diameter
• Limited stroke length

-Customized bore , rod bore, stroke and other functions
-2 types of hydraulic cylinders – Standard, Customized
-Corrosion Resistance and great load capacity
-Port Style and other standard options.
-Zero defective hydraulic cylinders
-Superior guest experiences with our customer service

│ Features │

- Please read these following details and tell us if you want different specifications and designs.
- Bore : Standard, Customized
- Inside Diameter : Standard, Customized
- Stroke : Standard, Customized
- Pulling force and return stroke force : Standard, Customized
- Painting : Standard, Customized
- Tube / Piston / Other Raw material requirements :Standard, Customized
- Seal ring requirements : Standard , Customized

│ Use of Hydraulic Cylinder │

- Fire Engine
- Snow Blade
- Front Loader 
- Crane
- Excavator
- Sweeper
- Forklift
- Black-Hoe
- Manure Spreader
- 60° Mid-Mount Mower
- Liquid Manure Spreader
- Finish Mower
- Grader
- Skid Steer Loader
- Plow
- Injection Machine
- Marine Shores
- Dump Truck
- Automotive lift
- Special purposes vehicle


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Hydraulic Cylinder _ Tie_rod

Hydraulic Cylinder _ Tie_rod

Hydraulic Cylinder _ Tie_rod