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Deail Hydraulic Pneumatic Cylinder Co., Ltd was established in 1991. Our headquarter is located in Gimpo, Korea. Unlike other hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, we have five well developed manufacturing departments (Drawing, Honing/Grinding, CNC, Welding/Lathe, and Assembly) to raise productivity in manufacturing, reduce the outside order cost, enhance the production capacity and supply capacity.

Deail Mechatronics Co., Ltd, our China branch, is located in Yantai, China. The main products are hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump, air cylinder, air balance, honing machine and test drilling machine. Being in the industry for 25 years mean to satisfy our customers’ needs. We have General Managers and Team Leaders in each department to communicate along the manufacturing process.

We are very proud of to be the main supplier of some of the best corporations in Korea (Including KCC, Sewon Cellontech, Woojin Plaimm, Soosung Motors, and Heshbon). With our hydraulic cylinder, your company can gain more “competitive" aspect in the industry.

We pray for an eternal prosperous development of your company 

Thank you.

CEO – Chang Ho Kim


Detailed Company Information

  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established1991
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsSouth Korea,Viet Nam
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage,
  • PresidentKIM CHANG-HO
  • Phone+82-10-4549-5685
  • FAX+82-31-696-6641
  • Address112-56, Gimpo-daero 2435 Beon-gil, Tongjin-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Product Category Construction & Real Estate > Construction Machinery Parts
    Manufacturing & Processing Machinery > Metal Processing Machinery Parts

Additional Introduction

Our Sales Network - Customers●

Standard(Agency) SpecificationOEM Category
NORegionCompany nameMain ProductsNORegionCompany nameMain Products
1Seoul/ Gyung-Gi/In Cheon   Sam Sung  HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts1All regions in KoreaSewon CellontechHydraulic Cylinder 
2Yu-Chang HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts2All regions in KoreaKCCHydraulic Cylinder 
3Gwang Jin  HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts3All regions in KoreaTPC MechatronicsHydraulic Cylinder 
4Sam Ahn  HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts4All regions in KoreaHeshbon#1 Automotive lifts in Korea
5Yu-Rim HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts5All regions in KoreaPowerrex Korea#2 Automotive lifts in Korea
6Se-il HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts6All regions in KoreaWoojin plaimm#1 Injection Machine in Korea
7PNHHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts 
8Dae Sung TechHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic PartsOur Expected Sales Network in Our New Factory 
9Dae Sung HyroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic PartsNORegionCompany nameMain Products
10Gwang Young Hydro Hydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts1Sejong-SiRetechRoad Management Car
11Tae Jin Hydro Hydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts2Jeonbuk Gim-JeHo RyoungLadder Truck 
12Keom Kang HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts3Chung Buk Jin CheonEverdigmFire Engine 
13Dae Pung HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts4Hwa-sungSoosan Heavy IndustriesSafety Loader
14Dae Heoung HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts5(Chung Buk)Chung-WonGwang-LimHigh Place Operation Car 
15SMTCargo Cranes, Wrecker Crane6Jeonbuk Ik-SanCheon-HaLadder Truck 
16Dong-Ho HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts 
17Win Win MachinaryIndustrial machinesHigh Quality with Better Price 
18Yoo-il SystemHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts1. Unlike most manufacturing hydraulic cylinder companies, 
19Auto-WellWelding Machinery    our company does all of basic manufacturing process within
20Dae-Yang HydroIndustrial machines    ourselves (Grinding,Plating,Honing) -> Cost Reduction
21Gyung-In UnionHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts2. Tie-Rod Type Cylinder 
22Gio TechSaw Machinery    YUKEN(Japan) Specification TAIYO(Japan) Specification  
23Dae Kyo HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    Production and Sales(TAIYO-Deail/YUKEN-Sewon Cellontech)
24Go Ap ResearchHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts 
25Sin-Heoung TechWing-Body Hydraulic CylinderProspect of Future :  Korea Market , World Market 
26Dong Seo EnterpriseWing-Body Hydraulic Cylinder    We have been the main supplier for over 40 companies 
27Copec ENGIndustrial Machine    since 1991. There are countless companies who "make" 
28Green HypamAricultural Machinery    and "need" hydraulic cylinders in Korea. From Indusrial site 
29Chung-ChungDaehoAricultural Machinery    to heavy industries, hydraulic cylinder is one of the most 
30Seo San HoseHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    significant parts in 21st century. 
31Dae Sung HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts 
32Tae Pyung Yang HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    With our competitive technology and know-how, we are 
33Gyung-SangJeon Jin HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    going to focus on expanding our overseas sales. Currently,
34Gyung-Jin ENTHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    THACO-Trung Hai Mechanical Engineering Company (Vietnam)
35Dae-Gwang HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    is our only overseas customer and we are looking for  
36Jung Won HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    companies who provide agricultural machineries, Fire Engine
37Dae Yung HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    Automotive lifts, Cargo Cranes, Ladder Truck ,Etc.
38Tae Ung HightechMachinery parts  
39Jeon-LaDaesung HoseHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    We will assure you three things 
40Korea HightechHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    1. Quality 
41Jung Ep Daesung HoseHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    2. Price 
42Bukdong Daesung HoseHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    3. Service 
43Jet StarAricultural Machinery 
44Green MaxAricultural Machinery    Thank you Happy New Year
45Dong il HightechHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts 
46Han Gil ENGHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    Chang Ho Kim - Chief Executive Officer 
47Ju Ahn HydroHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts
48JejuJung-Ang MachineryHydraulic Cylinder , Hydraulic Parts    

Factory Information

  • GIMPO FACTORY 112-56, Gimpo-daero 2435beon-gil, Tongjin-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea